LyJa Launched the Eighth “International Poultry Forum China” in Yantai City


International Poultry Forum China was held in Yan Tai on July 12th, 2019, attracting more than 370 experts, entrepreneurs, and representatives from poultry and egg industries. Focusing on the topic “Supply Chain Opportunity-from Farm to Table”, the forum had gone though plenty of important points: the increasing instability of raw materials foreign trade, the impediment of soy been and corn imports, broiler breed supply, broiler foreign trade and poultry industrial upgrading and its globalization and the strategy of localization, the possibility of industrial chain value improvement, international market developing, digital technique application, the extensive process of poultry and egg and the new retail, economic income and the consumption trends.

“Nowadays, the traditional vertical supply chain of agricultural food from raw material supply, farming and production, exportation and processing, food manufacturing, retail and distribution to consumption has transformed into flat supply chain characterized with the direct connection with government-owned exporters, production manufacturers, food processing manufacturers, retailers from research department, communities, agri-food farmers, raw material supplier.” The producer of Poultry International China and GM of LyJa Media Li Dingding observed, “China Poultry is stepping to its most important stage in 2019. Those who are equipped with whole industry chain mindset and who owns the core competitiveness of the supply chain will certainly win the market in the near future.”

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